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Resistance Surf Trainer Kit

Sale price$79.99

Paddle Faster, Paddle Longer, Catch More Waves! 

The 365Waves Resistance Surf Trainer is a unique training device that delivers exceptional results, enhancing your speed, endurance, strength, and time in the water,  multiplying your wave count!

With an easy set-up/take-down design that fits back into a ventilated carry bag, you can paddle anywhere.

Designed for surfers, by surfers, the 365Waves Resistance Surf Trainer Kit includes:  

  • Adjustable 14-foot resistance band (Adjust your distance and resistance to match any body of water) 
  • Velcro strap (Conveniently attaches to any surfboard string and doubles as a self-storage tool for easy roll-up and neat packing)
  • Gunmetal stainless steel carabiner (With swivel technology, this seamlessly fastens to the adjustable surf clip)
  • Adjustable surf clip (slides up/down the resistance band to optimize distance and resistance)
  • Twist-down ground anchor and tool (providing flexibility to set up your resistance surf trainer anywhere)
  • Custom ventilated travel bag (for easy transportation of ground anchor, tool, resistance surf trainer, and other accessories you may want)

Don't wait for the next swell.  Get in surf shape today.  The TIde Is Now. 

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A woman in a swimming pool paddling on a surfboard that is tethered to the edge with the 365Waves Surf Resistance Trainer
Resistance Surf Trainer Kit Sale price$79.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Austin Matulonis

Resistance Surf Trainer Kit

Rich S.
The best training for in my backyard!!!

The resistance surf trainer has been great over the past week. 15 minutes of paddling emom style all out! It works and I'm going to be ready for Hurricane season this year in NJ! Thanks to Derek for the amazing customer support and personal touch which honestly has been lost with the Amazon generation. Can't recommend the Resistance Surf Trainer enough. Shout out to Skipper Surf Review for show this off in your Instagram. Yeww!!🤙

Philip Sblendorio
A must have product if you want to get stronger and better

You definitely need this training kit. I've been using the trainer for about 3 months now and have gotten so much stronger and jacked. But seriously, it's been a huge win for training and making catching waves a lot easier now that I'm training the proper muscles while I'm not in the water.

Total Game Changer!

The Resistance Surf Trainer Kit has been an absolute game changer for me! As someone who lives in Atlanta (not near any waves), it is always a challenge for me to go into surf trips in proper paddle condition/physical shape. Well not anymore! The Resistance Surf Trainer allows me to get my paddles in even here in Atlanta, whether at the gym pool or the rooftop pool of my building. I log 30 minutes of paddle conditioning several times a week, and now when I hit the beach, I am primed and ready to beat the break and snake all the waves from Day 1! This is literally a must have for any landlocked surfer!

GREAT trainer ****

My Name is Ted Wingender and I have been surfing for 12 years, year round. I am always excited for when a good swell comes by and shows us love. Like other fellow surfers I try to keep my conditioning up to standard by swimming laps in a pool but I needed more.... something different .... I was at the Belmar Pro this passed summer and I ran into Derek with 365wavesco. He showed me this resistance band trainer and it all made sense. I bought one for myself.
I trained for next upcoming swell event and what a difference I noticed. I can paddle longer and faster too. It was great. Definitely felt a difference. Got into waves easier.
Highly recommend this product to and fellow surfer out there looking to improved your endurance conditioning, etc. You won't regret this decision.
I've used it in a pool and in Bayside in sharkriver. So think about that. Use it anywhere***
Let that sink in :)
Have a great day