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About Us

The need to be in better surf shape is a constant no matter what skill level or ocean you find yourself in. 365Waves became a reality with our first product after I got humbled during a surf trip in Costa Rica.

On the first day of that trip, my paddle endurance was not good at all, so I found myself struggling to paddle past the break. My breathing turned to a rapid pant and my arms became jello as wave after wave set me back, further and further from my goal of riding one. Feeling completely defeated, I sat on the beach with my heart beating through my chest, mouth as dry as the desert and sand in all the wrong places as I watched my buddy paddle straight out past the very break that broke me.

I immediately began brainstorming the best way to train; how to enhance the muscles needed to go faster and increase my endurance in the water. After 18 months of research, it turns out that the best way to replicate what your body experiences while on a surfboard in the water, is to literally be on a surfboard in ANY water. So there it was!

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you are spending ~3% of your surf session actually standing on your surfboard.  Most of the other ~97% of the time, YOU ARE PADDLING!

The 365Waves Resistance Surf Trainer was our first product, and it helped me multiply my wave count and achieve my surf goals so quickly that my love for surfing has grown like I never thought it could.

Today, with a passion for surfing and practical problem-solving, I am excited to deliver the highest quality innovative surfing products through 365Waves. We are stoked to be your partner on this journey every step of the way.