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2-in-1 Changing Mat / Dry Bag

Sale price$29.99

Make changing at the beach simple and clean with our 2-in-1 Changing Mat / Dry Bag!

Our 30” changing mat is designed to easily cinch into a waterproof dry bag. Equipped with handles and a removable shoulder strap, you can conveniently carry all of your wet and sandy items in one dry place. 

  • Waterproof 30” changing mat
  • Double drawstrings that pull tight into a full dry bag
  • Two handles for easy carry
  • Removable shoulder strap for additional support
  • Waterproof and rust-proof
  • Thick and scratch-resistant material
  • Custom travel case with air ventilation

Protect your car and keep everything from your wetsuits and bathing suits to towels and sandy beach accessories and kid's toys all contained in one place with this functional dry bag. 

This must-have beach accessory is PORTABLE, DURABLE, and EASY TO USE!

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An image of the 365Waves Changing Mat / Dry Bag
2-in-1 Changing Mat / Dry Bag Sale price$29.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Convenient, Clever, Clean, Compact, & Cool!

The Changing Mat/Dry Bag by 365Waves has been the best thing that ever happened to the inside of my car on surf trips to the beach. The innovative, easy-to-use Dry Bag makes it super easy to change in and out of my wetsuit on those chilly mornings right at my car, while also providing privacy and a method to avoid dirtying my car with sand and that wet funky smell. Its compact and saves me valuable time not having to find a changing room or cleaning my car out after rips to the beach. The bag literally pays for itself after one trip. Must have for any surfer who does not want to waste valuable shred time.

Best surf trainer out there

The 365 resistance trainer has changed my surfing forever. It’s so easy to use and replicates the paddle experience you have in the ocean. It’s like a treadmill for paddling. I’m now faster, stronger and more confident than ever before. Before 365 I was a mediocre surfer that struggled to get into waves. Using the trainer over the past month has significantly helped improve my strength, stamina and technique. Now I’m able to get into every wave I try for, increasing my wave count and subsequently my surfing stoke. Love it!

Great trainer**

My name is Ted Wingender, I have been surfing for 12 years, year round. I've been a swimmer for 6 of those years so my training was swimming. I met Derek this passed summer and I bought the resistance trainer and been testing it. Gotta say it's a great tool to use for keeping your paddle game up. I used it before a work session with Pro Surf Coaches, paddled out with clients and I noticed a big difference in how long I can paddle and how much stronger I was.
Definitely recommend fellow surfers try this out, you'll be surprised

Game Changer

No more wet and sandy suits in the back of my truck and no need for that old piece of rug I was using as a changing matt. Major upgrade.

Marta de Movellan

The Changing Mat/Dry Bag has been so handy for sandy beach gear but I've also started keeping it in the back of my car to throw the dogs' muddy, wet towels in after they swim. Just toss them in the wash and wipe down the mat and it's good to go for next time! The material is really solid and sturdy.